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A Futuristic Blockchain & IOT Internet of Things Internet of People Internet of Devices Internet of Everything and Automation Company developing products & services to create a smart connected world!!


Our company is a collective of amazing people
striving to build delightful products to connect the world.

I2A is not just a company, its home for innovators and dreamers. Just the perfect place for young fresh minds to be…

Industries Served with IoT and blockchain Integrated Frameworks:

We have continually been building healthcare and personal products to monitor vital health indicators and monitor your health in a better and pro-active way. Our advanced application self learns body characteristics and habits to signal alerts based on various factors to your closed ones, doctors and your smart phone.

We have been developing advanced health care equipments and have been serving the hospitality industry in India for a few years now.

Development of IR & RFID based smart IOT products for Home and Public utilities:

  • Smart IR based tagging technology to enable self and remote ordering, For example: IR Tag items are marked on the refrigerators which can be read by the IR Readers on your smart phones to enable re-filling of groceries, vegetables and essential dairy products as per daily usage.
  • Coffee vending machine along with cold storage machine can automatically re-order coffee beans, milk etc. as per overall usage and inventory status based on the same technology.

Enabling the use of advanced sensors and Micro-controllers along with other electronic components for facilitating a smart switching system that senses soil moisture, humidity, temperature level and climatic conditions to enable smart irrigation and plant watering system in turn saving approximately 75% of water use and boosting the health of the entire agricultural ecosystem setup for a long lasting tenure of plant life cycle.

We also cater the custom needs of large and medium scale industries to better improve their production line by facilitating and integrating advanced Internet Of Things and Automation technologies to enable remote and automatic operation of key processes based on requirements.

  Meet Our Team:

Lucky Khemani

Lucky Khemani

Chief Technology Officer and Founder

He designs your future by keeping your ever trending needs in mind.

Jitendra Agarwal

Jitendra Agarwal

Chief Manager and Founder

Controls and Manages our RMZ location to run efficiently without hassles.

Dinesh Bansal

Dinesh Bansal

Chief Finance Officer and Founder

He invests his time in making sure your dreams are met within your budget.

Divansu Bansal

Divansu Bansal

Chief Operations officer

He is dedicated to make sure the products are delivered as expected on time.

Deelassa Bansal

Deelassa Bansal

Chief Marketing Manager

Constantly outreaching prospective customers and building happy clients.

Rushi Patel

Rushi Patel

Team Lead - Quality Analyst

He is involved to making sure the quality of products delivered are beyond expectations.

Hear Our Testimonials:

They are one stop solution for all my trending day to day needs. I love their Facility and their team especially, who are so humble and magnificent.



Quality has never been compromised at I2A Tech as we believe in creating relationships and not just a one timer.

Jatin patel

Financial Advisor

I2A Tech have taken IoT implications to a new level and are always engaged in developing new out-smart applications & equipment designs to make lives better.


Review Analyst

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