AI-SMART is a happiness framework for modern world people with perfect blend of science and spirituality, which helps in living a stress free life.


            There is big difference between Information and knowledge. Today modern world people are exposed to big information data, but instead of knowledge development, it is increasing confusion and ambiguity. We need simplified framework which helps in filtering false and irrelevant information, so that relevant data can be analyzed to develop true knowledge which is the root of Absolute happiness.

AI-SMART (Absolute happiness and Integrity – Satisfaction and Serenity, Moral Values, Austerity and Acceptance, Responsibility with love, Tolerance) is a complete package which includes both, the Goal and the Path. “AI” defines Ultimate Goal and “SMART” defines Goals (developing skills) while acquiring the Targets.

Meet The Author



                     Discovering Advanced Life skills and technology innovation is his passion. From more than two decades he is in continuous touch with latest technologies related to Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and exposed to Spiritual Vedic knowledge and attended many Advanced Life skills events.

Development of this website is a small attempt from the author to share his acquired knowledge which provides happiness with clear definition of Ultimate Goal, Goals (life skills) and Targets. At last, purpose behind developing this website is experiencing joy of giving back to society.