Sinless Actions



Karma ha visible result (Drsta Phalam), and the other is the invisible result (Adrsta Phalam). If the action is Dharmic action – there is a good visible and invisible result.This future positive result is called Punyam, and any action which produces Punyam is called Punya Karma.

If it’s a bad action  i.e. an Adharmic action, then there is a bad visible and invisible result.This future negative result is called Papam, and any action which produces Papam is called Papa Karma.

3 types of Karma. Sanchita Karma is the total accumulated Karma of all our previous lives. Prarabdha Karma is that portion of Sanchita Karma that is ready for fruition in the present life. Agami Karma is the new Karma that is created in the present life.

An enlightened person (Jnani) has no sense of doership or enjoyership(nishkaam) and hence does not create any Agami Karma. And Deep pure Knowledge destroys his or her Sanchita Karma. So for a Jnani only Prarabdha remains which gets exhausted at the time of death. So a Jnani has no reason to reincarnate.

Understanding Cycle of Karma

Of all the accumulated karma, a portion is ready for fruition in this particular life. That maturing karma is called Prarabdha Karma.

Sanchita will not affect you in this life because it is not ready for fruition, whereas Prarabdha which is ready for fruition, is responsible for your current life.

Prarabdha decides whether you’re born human or animal, male or female, healthy or with some disorder, your parents, your place of birth and your life experiences.

In your current life, while you’re living out your Prarabdha, you’re also doing fresh actions. These actions produce their own Punyam-Papam, which is called Agami Karma.

At the end of your life, all Prarabdha is exhausted, some Agami is exhausted and some Agami remains. This balance Agami joins the Sanchita Karma pool.

And from Sanchita again, a portion becomes Prarabdha, which decides your next life, where you exhaust your Prarabdha and create some more Agami, which joins the Sanchita after your death. 

Cycle keeps on repeating for an Ajnani (ignorant person).