How it works?

Real World Data

Gateway will collect the data from the sensors of the Real world

Data with Cloud

Data from the gateway will be transferred to the cloud over Wi-fi

Structured Data

Structured data will be provided to the end user with alerts


Manipulated date will be taken for reporting and Machine learning for improvement

What we Offer?

Fixed beacons/ sensors - Moving Mobile Gateways

* Real-time tracking of security guards as they complete checkpoints throughout a facility
* Tracking of routes taken and heavily used areas within an underground mine
* Triggering of alerts or safety content on a construction site when a user enters a high-risk area
* Quickly locate doctors or nurses within a hospital during an emergency situation

Asset Tracking - With fixed Gateways & moving assets with beacon

* Real-time tracking of all equipment and critical machinery within a hospital
* Tracking vehicles as they enter and leave a property or designated area
* Understand where all workers are within a mine by providing staff with BLE-enabled Cap Lamps
* Monitor in-patients within a hospital using BLE-enabled wristbands
* Track the movement of materials within a manufacturing warehouse
* Track the location of luggage trolleys within an airport and provide alerts when they leave a designated area

Assets Proximity - Roaming Mobile Devices & Roaming assets beacon

* Prompt safety or instructional content when a warehouse worker comes in range of dangerous or complex equipment
* Record the last person to use a vehicle or piece of heavy machinery within a mine, and provide a complete audit history of equipment usage
* Track utilization of company vehicles and equipment
* Quickly count nearby assets in a manufacturing plant, and track asset movement between locations

Supportive Approach - Fixed beacons, roaming mobile devices and roaming asset beacons

* Real-time tracking of vehicles and equipment in an underground mine where fixed power is unavailable
* Tracking of equipment and visitors with BLE-enabled lanyards in an office environment
* Tracking of equipment in temporary environments such as festivals and conferences