Tolerance power is biggest source of long-lasting happiness.


 Tolerance is not about having beliefs. It’s about how your beliefs lead you to treat people who disagree with you.

Tolerance is adjustment with proper happy response to unfavorable situations, which primary emphasis on benefit of own inner peace instead wasting energy in fruitless arguments.

Tolerance is expressing gratitude for unfavorable situations, considering opportunity to test our preparation towards ultimate goal of happiness.It is our ability to keep calm and peace during unfavorable situations without complaining.It is acceptance of giving importance to our own peace instead of losing calm and winning arguments.Increasing tolerance power is sense of achievement not victimization or helplessness or unwillingness attitude.

“Tolerance without acceptance leads to unhappiness because acceptance is a favorable reception or approval whereas tolerance is just an act of allowing something to just let it happen and not doing anything about it. The real tolerant power increases with acceptance as a first step while tolerance is executed. “


 Tolerance is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. Tolerance is the only thing that will enable the persons belonging to different mindsets to live as good friends.

Tolerance is not like accumulating somebody’s behavior for long time and then one day bursting like a pressure cooker, it is well accepted act considering freedom of others and our ability to maintain calm and peace independent of situation dominating mind.

Lack of tolerance with acceptance increases expectation, desires and non fulfillment of same leads to anger, stress, disharmony…etc.

Tolerating dualities of life like heat/cold,  joys/ sorrows, attachments/aversions, etc,  purifies  mind contamination like anger, ego, jealousy, greediness…etc                         

Forgiveness and Forgetfulness can be practiced with acceptable tolerance, else it is just momentary ignorance and long term accumulation of dangerous compromised moments with retaliation.Forgiveness power increases tolerance power.Person can\’t tolerate without forgiving with acceptance that it is for my own sake not favor to anybody.

Tolerance is the highest degree of our strength and whereas, Desire to take revenge is the first sign of weakness.